Entropy Production over Energy Channeling

All irreversible processes, including life, arise, persist, and proliferate to produce entropy. It is the dissipation of a generalized thermodynamic potential that is important in driving life, not finding a clever route to channeling energy into some kind of self-indulgence or “will to survive”. The most important generalized thermodynamic potential available at Earth’s surface during the Archean was the UV solar photon flux. Please have a look at my blog on the Thermodynamic Dissipation Theory of the Origin of Life.

About karomichaelian

Researcher at the UNAM, Mexico, in the thermodynamics of the origin of life. I have a theory concerning the thermodynamic dissipative origin of life. Please see my web page www.thermodynamicoriginoflife.wordpress.com and Karo Michaelian on ResearchGate
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